Subject Spotlight – Cert II in Animal Studies (2020)

This is a year long program studied over 300 hours (2 lines).

If you successfully complete this program you will gain approximately 30 TCE points, as well as a nationally recognised certificate.


This qualification is suitable for students who require:

A pathway to further vocational training in animal care and management

A career in animal shelters and kennels and veterinary nursing

A better understanding of the opportunities in the animal care and management sector


The topics you will study may include:

Feeding and watering animals

Participating in workplace health and safety processes

Animal care and hygiene routines

Source information for animal care needs

Basic first aid for animals


Part of this program may include up to 6 weeks of work placement in the animal care and management    industry.

If you think this course may be right for you, please register your interest here.  For further information contact John Duncombe, VET Manager on 6249 6868