Student Support

Claremont College offers a range of support services to students. We have a number of specialist staff to support you with: course information, post-college pathways, career counselling, personal or learning difficulties, Centerlink, housing and accommodation services, job opportunities and links to other key support agencies.

Our support team consists of:

  • Principal and Assistant Principals
  • Teachers
  • Course Counselors
  • Social Worker
  • Attendance Counselor
  • Tutor Teachers

Student Accommodation

Housing Connect reserves accommodation for Claremont College students. Spaces are limited. If you are interested in finding out more please contact our Social Worker to discuss options.

Student Attendance

Success at college is closely linked to good attendance. You are expected to attend all classes for all subjects in which you are enrolled, including Tutor Group. Subject Teachers check and record attendance at every lesson.

Parents play an important role in supporting their child’s education, including Years 11 and 12. Text messages (SMS) are sent each day to inform parents if their son or daughter misses a class. Printouts of each student’s attendance record are also sent home during the term.

If absences occur without a valid explanation, the Tutor Teacher or senior staff member may contact parents to discuss any problems the student may be having.

Why is it important to attend all classes?

If you are absent from class you are missing important subject work. This will affect your final results.

Exemptions for absences are granted for specific purposes as listed below:

  • Illness
  • Death in the family
  • Participation in State sporting, academic or cultural events
  • VET work placement
  • College Excursions and activities

Students may also be able to exemptions for personal reasons depending on circumstances. Exemptions will not be granted for excuses such as missing the bus or sleeping in. These absences are noted as ‘unauthorised’ in the students records.