Life at College

You will notice many differences between Claremont College and your high school. To work effectively at the College you need to accept a high level of responsibility but there is also significant support available. If you exercise maturity and self-discipline in all that you do, you will find study and learning here very enjoyable and successful.

When do I start?

Please see our important dates page for more information.  On your first day you will be shown how your timetable works and given information about lockers, internet access, Library and bus passes. You will also meet your teachers for all subjects.

Where do I go?

Walk up the central street to the Student Common Room (D Block). On the Student Common Room windows will be a list of student names in alphabetical order. Your name will be there; we’re expecting you!

Our friendly staff will be available to assist you to your first Tutor Group session. Your Tutor Teacher will guide you through the rest of the day’s program, including giving you your timetable and answering your questions. Year 12 students start college the next day.

What do I bring?

  • Pen
  • Notebook or exercise book
  • Padlock for lockers which are available on Day 1 (combination padlocks can be purchased from the Main Office in A Block for $10)

There will be a free BBQ lunch on the first day and the canteen will also be open.

ID Cards

All students will be issued with an ID card which must be carried at all times and is used to borrow resources from the Library. To obtain an ID card, your Home Group Teacher will organise for your class to have an individual photograph taken at the Library. This photo will also be used in the Yearbook so come prepared!

Is smoking allowed at the College?

Smoking is not permitted on College grounds. It is an offence to smoke on Department of Education property. If students choose to smoke, they must leave the College grounds, no matter what the weather is like. If you would like assistance to help you give up smoking then please talk to a teacher or one of our Student Support Team.

Mobile Phone Policy
All mobile phones should be turned off and put away before entering class.  They will not be used in class, unless students are given explicit instruction by their teacher to do so for a learning related activity.

Code of Behaviour


We all have:

  • the right to learn
  •  the right to be respected
  •  the right to be safe at all times.


We have a responsibility:

  • to allow learning to occur
  • to respect ourselves and others
  • to act in a safe manner.