College Programs and Activities

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Program

The EAL program is available to students who are new residents to Australia. Students participate in an EAL subject plus three or four other subjects. Students are provided with additional support in classes and a range of activities to help them feel connected to the College and their studies. As part of this program, students are supported in understanding the differences in the way things work in Australia as well as providing links to community health and wellbeing programs.

Young Mothers Program

Claremont College runs a program for young mothers and mothers-to-be. This program is a great way to continue your education while meeting new people and having fun. By participating in the Young Mothers Program you will be able to complete subjects which contribute to gaining your TCE.

High and Additional Needs Program

Claremont College has a strong history in providing high quality learning experiences for students with
high and/or additional needs. Our Integrated Skills Program (ISP) caters specifically for students with disability. This is a two year program that has been designed around developing essential life skills that will be important for transition to life beyond college. This course includes sport and recreation, literacy, numeracy, cooking and nutrition, life skills and computing.

Breakfast Program

Our Breakfast Program supports students to have a good start to the day by providing them with the opportunity to share a nutritious breakfast in a supervised environment. This program is free and available to all students. The program operates from 8:15 am – 8:40 am in the Student Common Room. Toast, cereals and hot drinks are available.

Tutor Group Program

Tutor Group is compulsory for all students and occurs once a week for 40 minutes. The purpose of Tutor Group is to prepare you for life beyond formal education and training. Your Tutor Teacher provides support and advice in areas such as career planning, health issues, recreational opportunities and using community resources. Activities such as assemblies, guest speakers, whole school events, career expos, health and wellbeing sessions are all core parts of the program. The Tutor Teacher is a key contact for you at College, providing pastoral care support and maintaining regular contact with parents or guardians. The program is an essential requirement for gaining the TCE. Within Tutor Group you study a recognised TASC course that will count five credit points at Level 2 towards your TCE..

Enrichment Program

The College recommends you balance your academic program with extra-curricular activities. The Enrichment Program offers a rich and extensive selection of activities. Regular offerings such as: Fitness for Girls, Computing, Basketball, Football, Art, Essential Skills (ICT), First Aid, Coffee Making, How to Maintain Your Car and Rock Climbing are popular choices amongst students.

UTAS College Programs

The University of Tasmania provides extension programs for college students that offer considerable benefits. In addition to the academic challenge, successful participation in an extension program means credit toward your chosen degree and a saving on the costs of studying University units. Course details, delivery and assessment differ for each program. There is a mixture of online delivery, class work and weekend workshops. Assessment is completed by University teachers and can be both criterion and competency based. Some units are assessed jointly by both the College and University teachers. Information about entry into these programs is available during Term One from College teachers. Your teacher will discuss entry requirements with you and assist you with enrolment details and completing the course work.

Music Tutoring

Claremont College employs specialist tutors in a variety of music genres, instruments and styles. The tutors work in the classroom, offering tuition, support and guidance. They participate in performances, accompanying rehearsals and assist in choice of

How do I know what is happening in the College?

We have a weekly information sheet called Tutor News which is available on the College intranet and is read to students during Tutor Group. Communication screens are located at various places throughout the College, relaying important information to students during the day.


The College Newsletter is published each term and celebrates the achievements of our students. It is also
an important means of communicating information to parents about important College issues and upcoming events. The newsletter is mailed home to parents.


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