School tours


More information about the tours will be available at information and enrolment sessions to allow interested students and families to start planning and saving.
NOTE: Due to current Department of Education COVID-19 restrictions all overseas and interstate tours are cancelled until further notice.

Los Angeles

Since 2011, Claremont College has successfully run a school program for music students to the world-class Los Angeles College of Music. Music students study a music summer school program at the prestigious Los Angeles Music College in Pasadena – Southern California, just north of Los Angeles. In 2019, the trip was extended to include humanities and media students who visited arts and culturally significant sites, touring Hollywood film studios, interactive media centres, film locations, museums and galleries – and, travelling on the shortest railway in the world! All students visited key attractions such as Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Universal Studios, the Baked Potato Jazz Club and Venice Beach.

Ski and Snowboarding Trip

A ski and snowboarding trip to Mt Hotham was planned for 2020 and it is hoped that this will become a regular feature on the college calendar. Not only will the trip be an amazing educational experience for students, it will also allow students to step out of their comfort zone and develop leadership, perseverance and critical thinking skills that are so important in today’s society. Encompassed in the trip will be a short course, Outdoor Experiences, which when successfully completed can add to the TCE.

Cambodia and Singapore

Another group visited Cambodia and Singapore where they established a relationship with our Cambodian Friendship School, visited key attractions and experienced life in these countries. They explored the thousand year old ruins of Ankor Wat, attended cultural performances, took boat rides through floating villages, took part in Cambodian cooking class and visited waterfalls and jungles, Singapore Zoo and Universal Studios in Singapore.