Home Group

Home Group is compulsory for all students and occurs on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 12.30pm and 1.00pm. The purpose of Home Group is to assist you at college and prepare you for life beyond Year 12. Your Home Group Teacher is a key contact for you at college, providing pastoral care, support and maintaining regular contact with parents or guardians. In Home Group on Tuesday, we focus on whole college events and activities such as assemblies, guest speakers, career expos and health and wellbeing sessions, which are all core parts of the program.

In Home Group on Thursdays, we focus on pastoral care. This means your Home Group Teacher will check in with you about how your subjects are going, look at your attendance and speak about any unexplained absences, help you with your 5 point TCE course and check in with you about your general wellbeing. During Term Three an additional focus in Home Group is transition planning. For Year 11 students, this involves planning subjects for Year 12 and looking at future pathways, and for Year 12 students the focus is on planning for life and opportunities post College.

Your Home Group Teacher can also provide support and advice in relation to study skills and accessing additional support from our Student Wellbeing Support Team. The program is an essential requirement for gaining the TCE. Home Group delivers a recognised TASC course and will contribute five credit points at level 1 towards your TCE.