Is there anything more important than learning to read, write and  speak so that you can live your life to the fullest? In English, you will explore novels, films, plays and poems and learn how to think deeply about ideas and issues.



Performance company Poetry in Action presents Riots and Revolutions, a digital workshop which focuses on the techniques used to persuade us.


Take part in workshops and hear authors perform their work which will develop your creative writing skills and your awareness of ideas that shape our society.


Picture books contain hidden messages!  The messages often focus on making a change or improvement. English Foundations students work with a picture book artist to create their own book.


After participating in three graphic novel workshops with author Leigh Rigozzi, Indi Vincent presented her moving graphic story zine to teachers from across Australia.




When Nikola started at Claremont College she was unsure about what she wanted to study and what she wanted to do beyond college. She was working part-time in retail and wasn’t sure if she wanted to do so into the future. So, Nikola enrolled in a range of different subjects at Claremont College that appealed to her the most, including: English literature, creative writing, psychology, sociology, ancient civilisations, art and photography. She always liked reading and studying English but at college is where Nikola’s interest in the subject grew and where she discovered her love of social sciences. She decided she wanted to pursue her interests in those subjects beyond college. Nikola graduated from Claremont College in 2015, winning the DUX of the school award. Pursuing her interests, she went on to study English and psychology in a Bachelor of Arts degree at UTAS, earning her place on the 2018 Executive Dean’s Honour Roll. Nikola went on to do further study and is currently completing a Master of Teaching degree and learning how to teach students the subjects that she is passionate about (English, history and social sciences). She now spends her days teaching those subjects to high school students at Campania District School and she is loving every minute of it!



Want to write clearly and with confidence? Enjoy viewing, listening and reading? You will discover hidden messages and meanings in films, stories, picture books and speeches and develop your analytical and writing skills. It prepares you for level 3 English.

English Foundations 2 Year 11 & 12 Course Guide


Develop your skills to help you communicate successfully in your own life, as part of your community and in the workplace. Learn strategies for expressing yourself both orally and in writing and read and view texts to understand the world you live in.

English Applied 2 – Year 11 & 12 Course Guide


Do you enjoy watching and reading texts like films and novels? In English, you will explore ideas relevant to contemporary society, developing your analytical and communication skills.

English 3 Year 11 & 12 Course Guide


Love creative writing? This is the course for you! Sharpen and extend your writing skills and produce a collection of your best polished works of fiction.

English Writing 3 Year 11 & 12 Course Guide



Dr Emily Bullock is addicted to English, which began either as a five-year-old writing songs about the personalities in her street, or when her Grade 6 teacher sat her down with a typewriter to write a story. After studying a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English at the University of Tasmania, she travelled the world for a few years. Deciding that she needed more English in her life, she moved to Sydney to work on her doctorate on gothic narratives of Tasmania. Four years and 80,000 words later, she emerged from her writing den, alive but homesick. She moved back to Tasmania, studied teaching and taught English and various study skills at the University of Tasmania before beginning at Claremont College in 2015. Emily also co-founded the not-for-profit arts organisation, the Story Island Project, which nurtures the creativity and writing skills of young Tasmanians.


Sue has been teaching English, Legal Studies, History and a range of Humanities subjects in Tasmania since 1983 having graduated in 1977 with an Arts degree, majoring in Political Science from the University of NSW. She then completed a Diploma of Education at Sydney Teachers’ College in 1980. She has taught at Fahan, Dominic Senior School, Guilford Young College, Riawunna, UTAS and since 1997, here at Claremont College. In 1999 Sue was nominated for a National Excellence in Teaching Award and in 2008 was awarded the Tasmanian Quality Teaching Award. Sue is passionate about creating opportunities which extend students and enable them to make positive contributions to their community. 


Rebekka teaches English Applied, Working with Children and Intro to Sociology and Psychology at Claremont College. She joined the college at the beginning of 2020 after completing her Master of Teaching at the University of Tasmania the year prior. Whilst undertaking her university studies Rebekka was awarded the Sue Napier Scholarship in Education. She was also employed by the Student Success and Retention division of UTAS in a role which involved providing support to students struggling with their transition to university life. Rebekka is committed to creating a positive classroom environment where all students feel happy and supported in achieving their full potential. She also believes that any subject can be interesting if it is taught with enthusiasm and good humour. Outside of work, Rebekka enjoys hiking, watching documentaries and reading murder mystery novels.

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