Student Allowances


The College levies are set on a statewide basis. Levies for 2023 are $420 for a full time student. These levies help to pay classroom consumables, internet access, excursions, sport and the College Yearbook. An invoice is sent to parents during Term 1 and arrangements can be made to pay in installments if required. Please note, some subjects also require an additional fee. Information about levies and fees are sent home in the Confirmation of Enrolment packs during December.

Families who are approved for Student Assistance Scheme (STAS) will not be required to pay the levy for books or Stationery. STAS is available to parents of full-time students who meet the prescribed income tested criteria. Independent Students may also be eligible for STAS. Forms for application for STAS are available from the College Office.

Textbooks and Stationery

Textbook and Stationery requirements are posted with the course confirmation details at the end of the year. This will also contain information about suppliers.

Those students who have STAS approval will be able to collect STAS texts and stationery from the Front Office in January.